The top and handy desktop gadgets for Windows 7

Windows 7 is the most popular and widely used computer operating system either in households, schools, colleges, companies and various other places. It is the most convenient and easily usable operating system from the Microsoft with all necessary features. When it comes to the Windows 7 computers, a lot of users have a habit of sticking various gadgets on their desktops. These computer gadgets are very helpful to quickly view different essential information right on your windows desktop. 

Handy gadgets for Windows 7:

If you have Windows 7 operating system on your computer, there are thousands of free handy gadgets for windows 7 on the internet platform. Some of the most popular desktop gadgets for this particular operating system will be,

  • Calendar
  • Weather
  • Feed headlines
  • Currency and etc.

The windows 7 desktop gadgets are not only limited to these things. Everyone can find thousands of free gadgets available for your Windows 7 version of operating system to view necessary information quickly right on your computer desktop. Here are a fewer numbers of famous Windows 7 desktop gadgets to be used on your computer.

All CPU Meter – It is the very famous gadget used on your windows 7 desktop to view the current usage of the CPU. It also has the sound alert facility along with the flyout features to display extra information about your operating system, processor, computer, bios, baseboard, and etc.

Alarm clock – This particular gadget is just similar to your phone alarm in which you have to set the time along with the desired message. It will remind you on the correct time you already set.

Battery meter – This Windows 7 gadget is telling you the updated information about your system battery. It is perfectly suitable when you are using the laptop computer.

Network meter – It is the most advanced desktop gadget for giving the network information on the Windows 7 desktop. This network meter gadget will show you network signal strength, SSID, internet speed, external and internal IP address, remaining data, data usage, IP lookups with the Google maps, and more information.

System volume – This is one of the most useful types of gadgets for windows 7 users. If you are frequently opening the media files on your computer, you just download and add this gadget on your computer desktop. 

Control system – It is nothing but the helpful windows gadget which contains simple shutdown, restart, standby, hibernation, and log off buttons for your easy access of all these functions on your computer.

Language translator – If you are downloading and installing this particular gadget on your Windows 7 computer, it will be very helpful to translate the contents from any one language to any other language for your convenience.

World clock – This specific windows 7 gadget is just similar to the Microsoft’s clock gadget but it also displays the digital time, the day, date, and different countries’ flag along with the different skins on your computer desktop.

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