Ad Monetisation



Create or Buy Website/s

> Display Ads / Popunders / Push Notifications, etc.

> Buy Traffic

= Profit

Bonus: Capture Potential Customers Emails / Contact Details for Marketing

Don’t know how to build a website or cant be bothered?

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Ad Networks

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Traffic Networks


 PLUGRUSH – Sell & Buy Traffic



Note: HilltopAds, PlugRush, AdCash, PopAds, Adsterra are just some of the networks that support both Traffic Campaigns & Advertising.

Explore them, test them and see what works best for you and your sites.



MY ADVICE: Test /  Document / Weigh Up Profit & Cost / Retest / Try Different Campaigns & Mix It Up / Try Popunder, Push + Banners &  I Restate Document / Record / Capture; whatever you want to call it. Take note of every step, every change, every profit, every expense and you will succeed.